Summer's Over

As summer ends and “Fall” begins (although, this is Florida), data analysis becomes a primary target. Although I have already analyzed much of my data, I have yet to write up reports for publication. I am also interested in running my Occupancy Models by Dr. Jim Nichols, who has been kind enough to correspond through email regarding my modeling concerns. So, I won’t be watching sparrows much, for a while.

This semester has been full of surprises….although I was already aware, I have come to realize persons of stature, like Jim Nichols, will help if you ask. I suppose, you must ask in a nice tone, but that’s obvious.

This semester I have spoken with a few potential Ph.D. advisors from across the country. Although stressful, these conversations have been enlightening, and quite refreshing! It is interesting to get a taste of what’s in their minds, if only briefly. Maybe one day I will be on the other side and it will be refreshing to hear what’s on the minds of young ecologists?

Written on November 4, 2014