I believe knowledge and inspiration is hidden in data at rest and data in motion.

I am a Ph.D. student in the Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My research focuses on the use of citizen science, or open-sourced data, in detecting and predicting regime shifts in space and time. I am advised by Drs. Craig Allen and Dirac Twidwell.

My research interests include examining and mitigating the effects of urbanization and globalization on urban wildlife populations (especially birds), and enhancing the usefulness of open-sourced information in wildlife ecology and conservation. I believe that longitudinal and spatially-explicit data is an invaluable source of inforamtion in detecting and predicting the effects of globalization on wildlife.

My professional interests include citizen science, reproducible science, ecological statistics, and programming. Prior to starting my M.S. research, I had minimal experience in programming and statistics. The foundation of my M.S. thesis, however, took me down the initially arduous and frustrating path of learning to manage and analyze data in R, and I have since become a de facto programming advocate in my lab, working groups, and research community.

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I am always interested in talking shop re: urban ecology, wildlife, ecological data science, and backyard chickens!
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